We help entrepreneurs like you establish your brand presence, grow your audience & get more organic traffic.

Are you wasting money on Facebook Ads? Posting on Instagram without any engagement? Sending email after email but not getting many opens or clicks?

If your ads, emails and other digital assets aren’t driving consistent, targeted, engaged traffic to your website and sales funnels, we can help.


We build conversion focused Marketing Strategy, Funnels and Custom Websites to help your business thrive

At FerrinSquare Media we are focused on building conversions from the ground up — while making sure that your brand will pass the test of time. Our system hyper-focuses on targeting your dream client on the platforms they use with the offer they want to drive consistent, engaged traffic to your website or sales funnel. We do this through:
  • Dream Client Focusing
  • Website & Funnel Analysis
  • Custom Website Builds
  • Onsite SEO Optimization
  • Lead/Sales Funnel Builds
  • Sales Funnel A/B Testing
  • Conversion Focused Copy
  • Facebook Ad Analysis
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Pixel Placement & Retargeting
  • Email Automations
  • Inbox Email Delivery
  • Brand Social Strategy
  • Goal Tracking & Analytics
When it comes to Facebook Ads, Meghan knows her sh*t. I specialize in teaching real estate agents how automatically generate leads, and she reduced lead cost on a problem FB account from $69 per lead and 1-2 applications a day to $18 per lead and 8-10 applications/day in the first two weeks.
Dan F.
Real Estate Marketer

Digital Marketing Services

Facebook Ads

Take your Facebook Ads to the next level with thoroughly researched, highly targeted ads and A/B optimization.

Sales Funnels

Laser focus your niche and optimize your sales funnel to increase your leads and maximize your income.

Email Marketing

Hit the inbox and monetize your leads automatically with email delivery optimization and drip automation builds.

Wordpress Websites

Achieve your business and brand goals with a mobile-friendly, SEO optimized website that is easy to update.

Conversion Copy

From sales pages to emails to social posts, teach and impress potential clients with smart, targeted copy.

Analytics & Data

Make data driven decisions about the future of your company with Google Analytics and trends-focused reporting.

The team at FerrinSquare Media have been helping me drive traffic to my local life coaching service for years and I couldn't be happier with the results.

I always know precisely what's going on with my ads and campaigns and Meghan always has REAL DATA to back up her decisions about marketing for my business... I don't have to worry about it at all!

I recently asked her to craft my first real funnel for an event I was organizing... and the Facebook Ads were so well targeted from the start that I got 3 high quality registrations on the day we launched!!!
Jasmine M.
Life Design Coach

Not your average Digital Marketing Company

I’m going to come right out and say it…

As an entrepreneur in the digital space, I’m absolutely sure you’ve been burned by digital marketing contractors before.

You’ve hired off Upwork, used a team that was highly recommended by a business owner in your coaching group, or given a chance to your friend’s brother who has been a freelance marketer for years… and felt like you wasted your money.

Maybe they made huge claims about your ROI and the Truly! Amazing! Results! they have gotten for other clients. Maybe they convinced you that they had the “magic formula” to make all your sales goal dreams come true.

Maybe their attention to detail just sucked and you weren’t particularly impressed with the results. Ever hired someone to write sales copy and have it come back to you without the copywriter bothering to even run spell check… or worked with a Facebook Ads manager who never seemed to actually work on your ads? I know I have.

I’ve seen funnel builders make huge claims and then do everything they can to wiggle out of delivering results, and social media managers who think all there is to building a social platform is posting generic content every day, even if you don’t get any engagement.

So when I say we’re different, I mean it.

If you’re looking for a digital marketer who is going to sell you on Massive! Results! Immediately! and hype you up in order to make the sale, you’re in the wrong place.

But if you’re looking for a marketer who believes that every company, product and entrepreneur is different – who doesn’t make crazy claims but instead uses data, optimization and attention to detail to get you where you want to go – let’s talk.

Are you ready to turn your organic and paid traffic into consistent, reliable leads and sales?

If you only want to partner with highly skilled, data-driven digital marketers to build your assets, increase sales and give you more freedom than you have ever had before… you’re in the right place.

Digital Marketing Services in Vancouver Washington

FerrinSquare Media is a conversion-focused Digital Marketing Collective run by Meghan Ferrin in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

We keep both our team and our client list small so we can provide you with the best possible value and results for your investment.

That’s why we prefer email communications unless we have a scheduled meeting.

We try to get to all emails as quickly as possible on business days, but please be patient and allow up to 24 hours for a response.


We’re located in Vancouver, Washington — just across the river from Portland, Oregon — but we work with awesome clients everywhere.

Vancouver, WA  |  Battle Ground, WA  |  ​Ridgefield, WA
Woodland, WA  |  Longview, WA  |  Kelso, WA
Portland, OR  |  Beaverton, OR  |  Gresham, OR
Hillsboro, OR​  |  Tigard, OR